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The association “ASIPRO” aims at promoting the industrial participation of Swiss companies in aerospace, security and defense procurement projects of the Swiss Confederation abroad, by means of direct and indirect offset transactions.

In the case of major defense procurements abroad, the procurement authority “armasuisse” obliges foreign prime contractors to cooperate industrially with the local security-relevant technology and industrial base (STIB). These countertrades, also called offsets, support the preservation and development of security-relevant key technologies, core industrial capabilities and capacities in Switzerland. Defense dependence on foreign countries in the area of security-relevant key technologies is reduced and the security of supply of the Swiss Armed Forces is strengthened.


Our mission

We promote the participation of Swiss industry in direct and indirect offset business by systematically initiating contacts with foreign suppliers.

We organize local events (e.g. B2B workshops) and support campaigns which are of great importance for Swiss ASD companies, for the army and for the offset-entitled Swiss industry.

We operate the Offset Office Bern (OBB) in cooperation with armasuisse and collect the offset promille.

We coordinate solutions to current offset issues with armasuisse and get involved in operational and fundamental offset issues.

We ensure that potential offset transactions that deviate from the Offset Policy are brought to the table and are assessed, justified and decided upon with the relevant bodies before they are recognized.

We audit indirect offset transactions on a random basis with an accredited auditing firm, thereby strengthening public and political confidence in offset as an instrument.

About us

Public-Private Partnership and Organization

The association “ASIPRO” exists since 2015 and represents about 2’500 Swiss companies through its member organizations. Its purpose is to promote the industrial participation of Swiss companies in aerospace, security and defense procurement projects of the Swiss Confederation abroad, through direct and indirect offset transactions.
In order to ensure the most targeted implementation of the offset policy, ASIPRO maintains a regular exchange with armasuisse. The cooperation of this “public-private partnership” is regulated in the agreement between armasuisse and ASIPRO (Association for Swiss Industry Participation in Security and Defence Procurement Programs).

PPP – Public-private-Partnership
Organization ASIPRO
Steering Board and Management

Adrian Vogel

GL-Mitglied Swissmem, Leiter Industriesektoren

Markus Niederhauser

Präsident GRPM

Reto Maurer

Präsident SWISS ASD

Nicola R. Tettamanti


Andreas W. Kaelin

Senior Advisor digitalswitzerland

Bruno E. Giger

Geschäftsführer ASIPRO


Industry associations – branch organizations – societies – networks

ASIPRO members are Swiss industrial associations, branch organizations, societies, and networks from offset-entitled economic sectors. Members must have a special interest in the purpose of the association and be willing to support the goals of ASIPRO and contribute to their realization. Currently ASIPRO represents the following members:

Verband der Schweizer Maschinen-, Elektro- und Metallindustrie

The Aeronautics, Security & Defence Division of Swissmem

Groupe Romand pour le Materiel de Défense et de Sécurité

Dachverband der digitalen Branchen

Arbeitgeberverband der KMU in der MEM-Branche

Verein Schweizer Laser und Photonik Netz

Gruppo Materiale Difesa e Sicurezza della Svizzera Italiana

ASIPRO membership is open to other organizations, provided they are active in the following offset-entitled industries:
  • Information technology, information services
  • Telecommunications
  • Electronics, electrical engineering, optics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Repair and installation of machinery and equipment
  • Metal, metal products
  • Rubber and plastic goods
  • Chemicals
  • Vehicle construction, automobile parts
  • Aviation (space transport)
  • Technical, physical and chemical analysis
  • Research and Development


Offset-Office Berne

The Offset-Office Berne is part of ASIPRO and the point of contact for the security technology and industry base (STIB) on offset issues. The OBB supports armasuisse in the control and accounting of offset transactions and ensures transparent communication to the relevant stakeholders.

The OBB is an organization for systematically initiating contacts with foreign suppliers subject to offset and for recording, tracking, controlling and validating completed offset transactions.

The OBB levies an expense allowance (offset per mil) to cover costs in accordance with the applicable offset regulations of the Swiss Confederation.

Since April 2023, offset transactions are no longer submitted using the previous “ODF” reporting form, but are reported, checked and recorded on the “eOffset portal”.
The processes are based on electronic workflows and automated e-mails. Swiss beneficiaries automatically receive a request to create an access account (“CH-LOGIN”) and can edit and submit the data via a link in the e-mail. Instructions are outlined in the “eOffset Benutzerhandbuch für Schweizer Begünstigte“.

armasuisse publishes the most important key figures on current offset obligations quarterly in the Offset Register.


Armament policy – Armaments Strategy – Offset Policy


Contact us

Domizil Geschäftsstelle

F. Fischer AG
Steinbärenstrasse 2
6234 Triengen (LU)
Tel. +41 41 933 14 44
E-Mail: info@f-fischerag.ch


Geschäftsführer Bruno E. Giger
Rebmattli 52 b
8832 Wilen bei Wollerau (SZ)
Tel. +41 79 444 07 64
E-Mail: info@asipro.ch


Offset-Büro Bern (OBB)
Leiter OBB Heinz König
Guisanplatz 1
3003 Bern
Tel. +41 79 875 63 01
E-Mail: obb@asipro.ch